L.E.D There Be Light, LLC


Here are three questions to help you decide if this product is for your Business

1. Does your business currently have existing  T8 or T12 retrofit lamps installed?

2. Is your business ready to reduce energy costs, use Green Energy Solutions, and       minimize maintenance immediately?

3. Doesn't your business deserve an Intelligent LED upgrade that will also help protect our environment?

Our team is dedicated to making this transition simple and hassle free.   

Allowing the business to save money using Green Energy Solutions for a brighter future!


    Intelligent LED Lighting is the World's Leading Commercial LED. Being the most energy efficient LED manufactured, up to 70% of your energy costs will be reduced immediately. 


    Fit for T/8 or T/12 non shunted retrofit lamps. Our products are available in Cool White (6500) and Warm White (3500). Although it is commercial grade, this LED can also be used in Residential properties as well.

BH4 Series :  21 year warranty, and ballast removal required for existing fixtures (click the link for spec sheet info).



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